About Us

Oufouk translated as “Horizon” in English, was conceptualized and set up in 1979 as Al Oufouk Co, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Sales and Distribution Company operates under the umbrella of well respected & diversified business group of United Arab Emirates, the Mohammed Aqil & Ibrahim Abassi (MAEA).

At Al – Oufouk, we aim to raise the standards of lives of people by providing them high quality products that fulfill their everyday needs from having a healthy nutritious diet to the products for keeping your household neat, clean and refreshing. On the other side, Al Oufouk has been the major provider of superior quality tobacco products for the well informed adults who are prone to consume tobacco.

We understand that today’s customer is well informed, knows what they want and knows how to get it. The world is a fast paced global environment and companies must learn how to navigate it effectively and efficiently. Here at Al Oufouk Company we vow to continue to meet our customers’ needs and desires to the best of our ability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the people’s lives by educating, informing and providing the products and services with finest quality. To accomplish the goals set by the management and suppliers, we are committed for sustainable business considering the growth of ourselves, partners and environment.

Our Vision

Al Oufouk endeavor to keep itself on track of leading the FMCG industry of UAE in distribution, continual upgradation of its operations and employees conforming to the latest business patterns.

Our Values

We, at Al Oufouk, are working towards prospering our business with an eye toward broadening the horizons for the benefit of our stakeholders. We assure the same through demonstrating continuous support to the community we operate in, maintaining fair conduct of business and validating ethical practices in and out of the company.

We strongly believe that companies cannot work solely, they need to contribute to the lives of those they are serving and take care of the society they get business from, that’s why, our business goes side by side with the constructive contributions to the society by offering them the healthy options to choose from and providing them appropriate education about the use of tobacco, to translate our promises into actions and emerge as a receptive and responsible entity for the society.