Operational Expertise


Our sales strength lies in our highly professional and dedicated sales team providing pre sales and van sales in the market supported by an integrated merchandising team. Our sales team presence across all the emirates of UAE and supported by strong warehousing and logistics support enable us to cater customer in a most efficient and effective way.

Procurement, logistics & related operations all together drives our supply chain process; Al Oufouk ensures that the products reach to its target customers in an efficient way. With over the years of combines sales and marketing experience, our sales team drives the challenging figures.

 Customers in UAE

Coverage in UAE

Years of Experience

KM Logistics Coverage

Supply Chain

As distributor, our products’ availability in the market is our core objective. We have warehousing and distribution facilities in every corner of UAE included warehouse with its central operations located in Sharjah. Another warehouse in Abu Dhabi, as
it shares the biggest area of emirates and operates the warehousing and distribution facilities separately for Northern Emirates.

As distributor, management at operations level always updates the supply chain tactics to optimize our distribution network

Effective Distribution Network

Procurement Process Monitor through Integrated ERP System

Logistics Team Covering United Arab Emirates

Central Warehousing Located in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

Our People

Al Oufouk family managed over the years of combined management expertise, which enables us to deliver the most efficient functioning in every aspect of our business. We believe in the growth of company along with the growth of our people.

Our People Our Strength

300 Years of Combined Management Expertise

We Invest in our People

Managing of Demand to Satisfying the Need