Girnar Tea

Al Oufouk Company is pleased to offer our customers Girnar Tea. Girnar Tea is one of the most respected brands of tea produced in India. It is one of the most accepted and desired brands of Indian tea that has cornered the market in the Indian tea and agro commodity industry. This fantastic tea has also made its mark with a firm placement in the international tea market and the name Girnar Tea is now synonymous with high quality and trust with the tea drinking world.

We are happy to provide our customers with several varieties of delicious and healthy Girnar Teas such as loose leaf products like Girnar Royal Tea, Girnar Arabian Blend, and Girnar Kasari Tea. We also have Girnar teabag products like Premium, Economy, Chai and Assam; as well as Girnar instant pre-mix flavors such as Masala, Cardamom, Lemon Grass, and Ginger.

Enjoy a refreshing and delicious cup of Girnar Tea at breakfast, lunch, dinner or any time of the day!

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